Strike in Sri Lanka

Nationwide strike in Sri Lanka

On May 6, 2,000 industry trade unions held a nationwide strike, which was attended by trade unions: medical workers, bank employees, railway workers, teachers, power engineers, port workers, postal workers, oil workers. The strikes have been going on since the beginning of April, but there is little information about the actions of the strikers. On April 28, The All Ceylon United Teachers Union (The All Ceylon United Teachers Union) brought 240,000 teachers and 16,000 school principals to the streets....

May 9, 2022 · 3 min · author2

Nationwide strike in India

On Monday, March 28, a nationwide two-day strike began in India, organized by the country’s ten central labor unions. It was attended by 200 million workers, farmers and concerned citizens, which constitutes about a quarter of the working population. People took to the streets of cities in the industrial and extractive regions of the country, dissatisfied with the antipeople government policies, people took to the streets of cities in industrial and resource-producing areas of the country....

March 29, 2022 · 2 min · author2

Workers method of salary indexing

Employees of «Kazakhtelecom», in Almaty, went on strike on January 31. More than a hundred linemen from the cable shop refused to go to work and staged a spontaneous strike near the company’s office demanding an increase in wages. Recently, they have been transferred to the category of universal workers, cutting social benefits and allowances for qualifications. The company’s management responded to the strike with tough and decisive measures. As a matter of urgency, additional payments to employees in the amount of 1 billion tenge were made on the same day, and on February 2, the company allocated another 7 billion tenge to increase salaries....

February 9, 2022 · 1 min · author2