Employees of «Kazakhtelecom», in Almaty, went on strike on January 31. More than a hundred linemen from the cable shop refused to go to work and staged a spontaneous strike near the company’s office demanding an increase in wages. Recently, they have been transferred to the category of universal workers, cutting social benefits and allowances for qualifications.

The company’s management responded to the strike with tough and decisive measures. As a matter of urgency, additional payments to employees in the amount of 1 billion tenge were made on the same day, and on February 2, the company allocated another 7 billion tenge to increase salaries. The head of «Kazakhtelecom» separately stressed that the employees did not even try to negotiate, but immediately went on strike, which clearly indicated to the savvy Kazakhs the correctness of their path.

And we will continue to monitor and record, you never know what kind of morning you will suddenly want to index wages.