Educational program for workers and trade union activists from the «Факел» project

Manual from the International Metalworkers’ Federation

Sooner or later, each of us faces problems or injustices in the workplace. The number of violations recorded by state bodies of supervision and control over the situation in the sphere of labor is enormous. Many more of them remain unknown. Most often we endure them, although we grumble to ourselves. But one day there is a desire to change the situation, to fight back, to achieve improvement - respectful attitude, better working conditions, higher wages. But how to do that? See in this guide.


CSTP’s booklet

CSTP is recognized as a foreign agent in Russia

The right to associate is the right to form and develop a trade union. The right to associate is often exercised through special organizing campaigns. The purpose of this article is to show potential union organizers a few important points in any organizing campaign.



CWA Organizing Guide

This guide is a translation of the Communications Workers Union of America (CWA) Organizing Guide. You’ll learn how the CWA plans, conducts, and evaluates its organizing campaigns. It also gives an idea of the spirit of the organization and its meaning.


Trade union ABC from IUF

Trade Union ABC from the International Union of Food and Tobacco Workers, Agriculture, Restaurant and Hotel Services, Catering and Allied Industries (IUF)


Secrets of a Successful Organizer

This publication is a translation of the book Secrets of a Successful Organizer, published in 2016 by the American organization Labor Notes. For more than twenty years they’ve been publishing a magazine in which he covers the activities of various trade unions, holds conferences and seminars. The scope of the book is limited to organization, working with people and is aimed at the development of the trade union.


The structure of the trade union network // from the “Teamsters at work”