The other day, the government issued a decree on support measures IT industry. The text of the decree on

IT companies:

  • Allocate from the budget funds for grants.
  • Provide preferential loans at a rate of up to 3%.
  • Cancel income tax.
  • Give tax benefits.
  • Exempt from tax and other checks, apparently from labor too.
  • To provide IT companies with a sales market by stimulating purchases.

Employees of IT companies:

  • Allocate funds for improving the living conditions of employees and raising wages.
  • Give a reprieve from the army.
  • Make it easier for foreign workers to obtain a residence permit.
  • As [explained] ( ) the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, employees will be able to apply for a preferential (not really) a mortgage, presumably for the duration of work in an IT company.

IT companies receive financing (grants and preferential loans), tax incentives, loosening of control, expansion of the sales market and the influx of cheap labor. And all at the expense of taxes of other citizens of our country.

Employees are handcuffed to the battery increased dependence on IT companies and increased competition for jobs.

Cut the payment, move the office to the basement, put the tables in two tiers, save on lighting, because the owner is exempt from inspections. And an unwanted employee risks losing his job and going to the army or losing his home, having lost a preferential mortgage.

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