The international labor market is closing, and with it access to a huge number of jobs and high salaries. Some Russian IT companies export employees under the threat of sanctions, and specialists experience problems when applying for jobs in foreign companies.

Companies fleeing sanctions offer their employees 3 options:

  • Business trip to neutral countries for several months without a family and for rented housing
  • Transfer to projects that have not yet been sanctioned - Throw yourself overboard
  • Looking for a job

By law, the dismissal of each individual employee must occur in accordance with the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, and separate articles are provided for mass reductions in the Labor Code.

In case of reduction , the employer is obliged to:

  • Offer a vacant position
  • To issue a written warning about the reduction in two months or to issue monetary compensation for the same period
  • Be sure to consult with the trade union on the spot

Agreeing to dismissal “on their own” the employee loses:

  • Insurance in case of job loss
  • Deferred payments on loans and mortgages

The proposal to write “on your own” is not legal and, as a rule, pursues the goal of not paying monetary compensation for 2 months. Therefore, it is more profitable to refuse and demand payments to reduce the rate.

We recommend that you read the full list of actions that an employer should take when dismissing an employee.

Those who receive a gray / black salary can only rely on the mercy of the owner of the office.

Discuss what is happening with colleagues. Insist that the abbreviation be called an abbreviation. Study the law and fight for your legal rights.

You can apply for trade union assistance through the bot. If you have already encountered such problems, write in the comments