In the spring of 2020, an employee of CyberCraft (Cybercraft LLC) left two reviews on DOU about salary delays and vacation pay. In response, in September 2020, the company appealed to the Donetsk region court to refute the false information. However, this did not seem enough to the company, and it demanded that the site give out the data of the user who left comments. Probably to prosecute him for disclosing information under the NDA (Non-disclosure agreement), which usually prescribes a fine of 4 to 6 employee salaries. In October 2021. the court granted this request and demands that DOU provide information that the site does not store.

The case is not so much tragic as instructive. The NDA has long served not to protect commercial interests, but to intimidate and harass unwanted employees. How can we talk and fight against the arbitrariness of irresponsible employers if any public coverage of problems in the company is the disclosure of trade secrets? And even if the agreement is drawn up incorrectly, the employer will still pressure and intimidate employees. It is easier than to achieve loyalty by positive methods.

NDAs should be banned, and employee compensation should be transparent.