Recently, a senior developer of a large oil company turned to our IT union for advice.

After employment for remote work, it suddenly turned out that not all document flow takes place in electronic form. And to sign some documents, I had to go to the employer’s office from a neighboring region once or twice a month at the expense of personal time. The immediate supervisor could not or did not want to solve this problem. The HR department agreed to use scanned copies only for part of the documents, which did not solve the problem with travel.

After a meeting with representatives of the trade union and a lawyer, the employee wrote a letter to the personnel department with a request to explain how best to arrange a business trip. To reinforce the position, references to current labor legislation were attached to the letter:

Two days later, the employee was notified that the documents for signature would be sent by courier.

In such cases, it is recommended:

  • To point out to the direct supervisor the inconveniences in the work
  • Consult with trade union representatives, for example, through our bot
  • Ask for written explanations of discrepancies between the actions of the employer and the Labor Law